International Volunteer Day

The 5th December is International Volunteer Day and so we’d like to pay special tribute to the volunteers at Belmont Primary School who volunteer their time, energy, and skills every week to support the pupils, together with the teaching staff.

It is a real family affair at Belmont as two of the volunteers Maggie and Margaret work alongside their daughters, and Lizzie alongside her sister. We’d like to introduce them to you and thank them for their efforts and contribution to the school community.

mrs-settleMeet Maggie. She has been volunteering at Belmont Primary for 4 years. It was her daughter Claire (pictured) who is a Pupil Support Worker at the school, who asked her if she’d like to volunteer. Maggie says, “I really enjoy it and it’s interesting to see how the education system has changed over the years. I like seeing how the children grow and it’s a really friendly atmosphere.”






mrs-whiteThis is Margaret with her daughter Rachel who is a Pupil Support Worker at Belmont Primary. Margaret has been a volunteer at the School for just over a year and comes in every Friday to help out when the pupils go out of school for their Options’ activities. Margaret says, “I just love all the kids, I could take them all home!”





lizzieLizzie has been volunteering at Belmont Primary for 4 years and loves the variety of the role. It was her sister Cate who is a Teacher at the school who encouraged her to volunteer. She says, “I enjoy getting to know the kids, especially when we go out on trips as that is when they are having the most fun and enjoying themselves.”