Work Experience

Once again work experience has been a phenomenal success for our Year 11 students. This year extremely high standards have been set and many of our pupils have excelled at their chosen placements. The feedback we have received from our work experience providers has been nothing but positive. Many have commented about how pleasant the students have been and the impeccable attitude they have displayed.

All students were successful in their work experience completion. Many have applied themselves so well that they were offered employment. Three of our students were offered apprenticeships due to the good impression they created. They are soon to be offered day release at these placements as they were considered to be invaluable to the companies. Never before have we had such success from our students. Needless to say we are all very proud of their achievements.

The lads said:

“Work experience taught me that you need to work no matter what the weather’s like.” (Andrew)

“I really enjoyed my work placement, I would go again. Nice place, good people.” (Mason)

“I really enjoyed my placement at Little Heaton House, all the residents made me feel welcome in their home.” (Ellis)

“The work experience pays off in the long run. You may if you work hard be offered a part time job, not to mention a better understanding of the world!” (Andrew)

“I really enjoyed my work placement and I would definitely go back as it was the best two weeks!” (Keenan)

The employers said:

“I enjoyed Joel’s company a lot. He is such a lovely lad.” (H Singleton)

“Brandon had a very good attitude to work and I would definitely welcome him back.” (Darren, D.S Motors)

“Andrew got on well with all staff and was always willing to help whenever he could.” (Lee Humphries)

“George really impressed me and I would be happy to employ him in the future.” (Jamie, National Tyres)