On Wednesday 17th October, pupils from Belmont school were invited to join pupils from seven other schools to partake in a football tournament, attuned to promote the inclusion of all children in sports.

The school team played four 6 a side matches, and successfully managed to win two and draw two, with Jack being named as ‘man of the match’. Jack, at 6’5 is not easily missed and with legs that are long enough to give a giraffe a complex, he was able to cover the length of the pitch in a matter of strides, giving Belmont a bit of a tactical advantage. Andy was also a force to be reckoned with, for his unrivalled effort and intrepid challenges.

Man City have provided their inclusion programmes to the school for some time now and are delivering sessions once a week, to help build confidence, skill and personal fitness as well as challenging negative stereotypes that still exist.

Ryan is fun, committed and has the patience of a saint, recognising and nurturing each boy’s ability and strengths. He’s worked with the year 11’s doing rugby, the year 10’s doing invasion games and with the year 9’s doing uni-hoc, all equally as effective at working on the core skills needed to successfully contribute as part of a team as well as promoting a healthier more active lifestyle. The pupils at Belmont enjoy these sessions and found the tournament particularly fun, with boys taking part that would ordinarily avoid sport.