CSE Parents Guide

Wednesday 18th March was Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day and as a school we thought it important to make our pupils aware of the dangers and risks surrounding exploitation.

Pupils attended a workshop in school where they were shown a series of short videos, and group discussions gave us a chance to talk about the warning signs of child exploitation. We understand that this is a very sensitive subject for our pupils, but it was very well received and the pupils enjoyed the sessions. The feedback has been really positive and they feel that they are now more aware of what signs they need to look out for.

To support and help our pupils and families, and to keep them safe, I have attached a couple of really useful parent guides that you may find beneficial.

Online Onguard

A Parents Guide to Dealing with Sexting

Please contact me directly if you have any concerns or questions around this topic.

Yours Sincerely

Dean Rainford

Family Support and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Email: dean.rainford@belmont-school.co.uk