Mental Health Awareness and Support

Looking after ours and our children’s mental health has never been more important.

Please take a look at the range of resources put together by our well-being coordinator:

The NHS One You website has tips for a healthier lifestyle including articles on healthier eating, stopping smoking, ways to improve your sleep and introducing exercise in to your daily routine.

Stem4 and Young Minds  are two great resources for helping young people with their mental health and include advise on anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction and ways to support your child during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Papyrus, founded in 1997, is a leading UK charity dedicated to the prevention of youth suicide. Their dedicated hope line is available on 08000684141/ text 07860039967 for children and young people who are experiencing thoughts of suicide, or for anyone concerned for a young person thinking about suicide.

Child Bereavement UK help to rebuild lives for those who have experienced loss