Welcome to Belmont School

A specialist environment with a family atmosphere

At the edge of picturesque Pennine Lancashire, Belmont Primary School offers boys that have struggled in mainstream school a more tailored education. Students at the school come from all over the northwest – occasionally further afield – and typically present challenging behaviour.  Because their needs have to be met in a specialist environment, there are almost as many staff as there are children.  The result is a communal feeling, where teachers and students all know each other, creating a welcoming ‘family’ atmosphere.

Headteacher Mark Fletcher sums this up, commenting: ‘We have a fantastic staff team who will always go the extra mile for these children.’

Happy and excited

Social, emotional and communication development are prioritised alongside academic achievement to give a more rounded learning experience One of the young men attending Belmont highlights his feelings about the school: ‘I feel happy that I’m going to school and getting to see my friends and I’m excited to learn new stuff every day.’

Watch the video to hear more from the children and staff at Belmont Primary and learn about the nurturing environment it provides.  For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact us via the details below.


Vocational Learning

At Belmont School success is about much more than academic results.

Vocational opportunities with accredited courses across a broad and varied curriculum ensures pupils can re-engage with learning and make the very best of the facilities to move on to college, apprenticeships or employment.